Isn’t it amazing statistic that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. This is great as now we can use this data for analytics, predictive analytics, smart decision making and AI. This is easier said than done. The problem with big data is that it’s sheer volume and complexity makes traditional data processing methods like sharing , querying, transferring, analysis, visualization and storing redundant. JumpCO has embraced new technologies that solve many of the aforementioned issues. These include Data Streaming, NoSQL and Document Databases, Predictive Analytics, AI (link to AI page), Security and other technologies.

Clients past and present

Industries: Smart Farming, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Government, Engineering, Telecoms. MySmartFarm.

JumpCO has immersed it’s in many of the technologies in the Big Data ecosystem. These include NoSQL databases like IBM cloudant, Hadoop, Mongo and other’s, Data Streaming Technologies like Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Redhat Active MQ, Apache Spark and others, AI and Data Analytics tools like IBM Watson AI and IBM Watson Data Analytics.

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