Is Blockchain just hype? The real question is will the Blockchain hype materialize into products that provide real business value. At JumpCO is that the Blockchain journey has just started. Like all new concepts Blockchain has become the latest buzz word among CEO’s,CIO’s, Development Managers and Software Architects. JumpCO believes that there could be real value to business behind Blockchain. These are distributed ledger ie: a chain of financial transaction kept in distributed blocks eliminating the need for a central authority like a bank. THe other value to business is ‘smart contracts’ ie: digital contracts setup between 1 or more business entity that can automatically execute on conditions of the contract. An example of that could be Estate agencies where the conveyancing attorney executes automatically on the ‘Purchase Agreement’’ by automatically paying the Estate Agent the commission that is due to them. Further the Estate Agency can also automatically pay agent based on commision agreement in Smart Contract.

Clients past and present

Industries: Banking, Insurance, Retail, Government, Engineering, Telecoms. We use industry standards where they exist eg: SID from TMForum prescribes an integration standard for the Telecoms industry.

JumpCO has a good understanding of IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric as well as Ethereum. We are now gearing for Blockchain maturity and adoption so that we can deliver our first Blockchain project

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