JumpCO has been DevOPs advocates and practitioners since the late 90’s(before the term DevOPs was coined). JumpCO does not see DevOPs as something new. We have been practicing methodologies and using supporting technologies which formed the basis of DevOPs for the past 20 years. Our journey started with using make files to automate software builds to Visual Source Safe (code repository) and VisualTest to automate testing. Our journey has since brought us to practice of modern day DevOPs concepts of Agile Methodolody, Release Management, Build, TDD and BDD, Requirements Management, Build, Deploy and Test Automation as well as Release Management. JumpCO as been using methodologies and technologies for the past 20 years that enable the bringing together of Development and Operations

Clients past and present

Industries: Banking, Insurance, Retail, Government, Engineering, Telecoms.

Some technologies that we frequent use to support the DevOPs methodology is: using Jenkins, Maven, Gradle and Groovy for Build and Deploy Automation, Artifactory, Nexus , GIT , BitBucket and GitHub for Code and Binary repositories, GITLab for pipelines supporting CD and CI, Slack and Hangouts or Agile Team communications, Gherkin and GitLab Wiki for requirements management JIRA and Trello for Task Mangement, ASCIIDoc, UML, Confluence, JavaDoc for documentation, Sonarqube, Coverity, Codebrag and Gerrit for Automated Code Review OpenShift, Kubernetes and Cloudfoundry for Container and Cloud technologies.

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