The 4th industrial revolution is here and has been unfolding over the past decade. Leading the is IOT powered by AI powered by Data Analytics. JumpCO is riding this new wave with much investment in IOT, AI and Data Analytics technologies. These technologies have impacted the manufacturing industry moving away from standalone industrial robots to networked ‘cyber-physical systems’ that are controlled by information based orchestration between systems and humans working with them.

From these technologies have also emergpacked precision farming. JumpCO has been involved in architecting and implementing 2 projects in this space. The first project was precision agriculture using weather stations, external weather feeds, moisture and soil condition probes and human scout input to drive irrigation frequency and coverage, pest control frequency and coverage as well as crop selection for current and subsequent seasons. The 2nd project involved precision chicken farming in broiler houses with sensors measuring Humidity, Gas content, Water quality, Temperature and weight as well as human input data for chicken feed type, Chicken Strain etc… for Data Analytics to alert on threshold violations, predict ideal conditions for the most productive, healthy chicken output. This analysis was also to be used to automatically regulate temperature, gas, moisture etc…

Clients past and present

Industries: Banking, Insurance, Retail, Government, Engineering, Telecoms. We use industry standards where they exist eg: SID from TMForum prescribes an integration standard for the Telecoms industry.

We use various technologies depending on the client’s specific needs. This includes IBM Watson IOT, IBM Watson AI all powered by IBM Cloud.

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